Hey, I'm Camden.

I’m a Product Designer living in Brooklyn, NY and designing digital things at Block Renovation.

My career in software actually started in design. After high school, I spent my free time designing made-up products and apps. Eventually, I became fixated on bringing my ideas to life so I set out to become an iOS Engineer, a path that led me to majoring in Computer Science, dropping out of school to join a startup, working at a few more, and trying to start my own.

Throughout my career, I said I liked programming because it let me "bring my ideas to life", but recently, I'm realizing that there's more to it. Programming lets you create things but, to me, it's just that—a means of production. What I truly enjoy is the creative process of discovering and solving human problems, not tech problems. I like analyzing others' and my pain points and figuring out ways to make life a little bit better.

Outside of work, I like running, cycling, and being active in general but my first love is skateboarding. I'm currently recovering from a broken ankle but you can catch me at Blue Park in the mornings with the other old guys soon.